Head and Heart

College was never really a question for me.  I was one of the “smart” kids, and my parents had gone to college.  Somehow, it wasn’t until I got to college and was knee deep in a women’s history class that I realized that this whole higher education for women was all relatively recent. Again, IContinue reading “Head and Heart”

Movies vs. books, round 1

It’s probably more than a coincidence that I’m revisiting Klickitat Street just before the latest movie version of Ramona comes out.  Back in the day, I really liked the tv version with Sarah Polley (also know for being in Avonlea, who’s source material is another favorite author).  And the previews for the movie look prettyContinue reading “Movies vs. books, round 1”

From Contemporary to Historical

Last week, I decided to revisit Klickitat Street for the first time in years.  Quite early in Henry and Ribsy’s adventures, I ran across this passage in which Henry calls his mom to ask if he can bring home a dog. The dog trotted after the boy to the telephone booth in the corner ofContinue reading “From Contemporary to Historical”