Client Stories

Readers 2 Leaders

Served as Interim Director of Development for 8 months. Updated policies, procedures, and systems. Assisted with Grand Opening Party for Capital Campaign. Led EOY campaign (doubling gifts) and North Texas Giving Day. Assisted with onboarding and training of two new Development staff members.

I highly recommend Melissa as a nonprofit consultant; she has truly been an invaluable support to Readers 2 Leaders during a key time of transition. With Melissa’s leadership and support, we updated and strengthened our Development plan and stabilized many aspects of our department (including maximizing our donor database as well as grant management process). She also provided critical support in onboarding and vetting two new members to help us build a strong Development team. Melissa is able to think about strategy and long-term vision, but is equally willing to help with day to day logistics and details that are necessary to maintaining operations. I found both types of support incredibly valuable. I would 100% work with Melissa again on future needs and projects, and am grateful for her partnership and support!

Norma Nelson, President and CEO

Melissa provided the calm amid a storm at my organization. As my temporary supervisor, she established processes for my work where before there had been confusion and inefficiency. In collaboration with the development department, she cleaned out the backlogs that were making our calendars, task managers, and filing system inefficient sources of stress and left us with clear systems to keep things moving smoothly long into the future. With curiosity and clarity, Melissa helped reset the expectations of the team to help us focus our time and energy on the best possibilities for funding sustainability and growth. I am a happier and more effective employee because of Melissa’s leadership, creativity, and investment in my team.

Adrian White, Grant Writer

Rockwall County Historical Foundation

Served as Interim Executive Director for 5 months. Guided Board in strategic planning process. Established basic collections care policies. Provided guidance on governance issues. Implemented membership CRM database and led a lapsed member campaign, more than doubling current members of RCHF. Prepared the organization for new leadership.

Melissa has been working with the Rockwall County Historical Foundation for the past several months and we could not be happier!  She guided us as we evaluated our current state of operations and she helped us draft a number of vitally important documents and policies. Melissa’s insight has made a huge difference in our ability to head in the direction of our goals and to identify strategic priorities that will benefit the historical foundation for years to come.  As the board president, I could not be more pleased with the results of Melissa’s work – she is an absolute delight to work with and we have all learned so much from her! 

Sarah Keeney, Board Chair

Other clients include:

  • Archer County Museum of Arts and Culture (Texas)
  • Historic Mesquite, Inc.
  • Leonard’s Museum (Fort Worth)
  • Manassas Museum System (Virginia)
  • Museum of North Texas History (Wichita Falls)
  • Project Transformation North Texas (Dallas)
  • Southern Gateway Foundation (Dallas)
  • Wood-Library Museum of Anesthesiology (Schaumburg, Illinois)
  • Writer’s Garret (Dallas)
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