Birthday wish lists, then and now

Texas summers are an ideal time to go through those boxes and random places you throw stuff to get it out of the way. After all, it’s far too hot to do any outside chores. Last weekend, I went through a stack of things my mother had given me years ago in an effort toContinue reading “Birthday wish lists, then and now”

Mrs. Rachel Lynde Would Not Approve

When a favorite book is adapted for the screen, I try to keep an open mind. I really, really do. And there were reasons to be cautiously optimistic about the latest Anne of Green Gables movie. The casting of Anne was more age appropriate. It was filmed on Prince Edward Island. And the granddaughter ofContinue reading “Mrs. Rachel Lynde Would Not Approve”

My History with Harry

Some of you will think this is the post in which this blog, a blog primarily about historical fiction, jumps the shark.  After all, I’m pretty sure that even though Harry Potter is insanely popular, no one would classify his story as history.  But there are many, many ways in which history and children’s literature intersect.Continue reading “My History with Harry”

Movies vs. books, round 1

It’s probably more than a coincidence that I’m revisiting Klickitat Street just before the latest movie version of Ramona comes out.  Back in the day, I really liked the tv version with Sarah Polley (also know for being in Avonlea, who’s source material is another favorite author).  And the previews for the movie look prettyContinue reading “Movies vs. books, round 1”