For fans of Gone-Away Lake

Today, while doing incredibly domestic things like reorganizing my kitchen cabinets, I listed again to this episode of This American Life.

In “The House on Loon Lake,” a couple of kids find an abandoned house in the woods.  Inside, it’s filled with stuff–from food still  in the cupboard to letters to clothing.  Along the way, the kids bring their parents to see.  They return again and again.  And then the house is gone.  But the questions of what happened to this family and this house remain.

As I listened, I couldn’t help but think of Gone-Away Lake.  Both stories feature kids finding something abandoned, yet full of stories. It’s a summer adventure, one in which other grown-ups are brought into only relunctantly.   But Gone-Away Lake ultimately has a happy ending.  And Loon Lake just breaks your heart.  But it’s still a story worth checking out.

2 responses to “For fans of Gone-Away Lake”

  1. Oh I loved Gone-Away Lake!


  2. Cleda Klingensmith Avatar
    Cleda Klingensmith

    I too was listening to the Loon Lake story on This American Life – standing in the kitchen not wanting to miss anything – and thought back to reading the Gone Away Lake books to my son. I don’t know how I missed out on these and the other Elizabeth Enright books when I was a kid, but I know I enjoyed these stories more than my son who is now 13. Oh to have such adventures!


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