What would you do?

There are many random and unusual perks in being a director of education at history museum.  The latest?  Our annual Girl Scout Day event has a Little House on the Prairie theme.  (any guesses as to who decided that?)  And you can’t have a book themed event without reading parts of the book!

So, I”ll be reading “favorite bits” from the book twice during that event.  Because I’m the boss, it’s really up to me on what to read.  I could just focus on Little House on the Prairie.  Or I could read portions of mutliple books in the series.  Our activites really center on Little House and Plum Creek.  Each reading session will last 30-45 mintues. 

Dear readers, what chapters would you choose?  I figure this audience will be composed of both rabid fans and people new to the series.

One response to “What would you do?”

  1. The Plum Creek party would be a good one; it has action, and a nice feel of what kids did for fun in the olden days. For a longer reading you could read both the Oleson and Ingalls party chapters.


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