Sharing the love

Some of you may be visiting the blog for the first time because of the National Council on Public History’s article, which was cross-posted on their blog.  So a very special welcome to my fellow public historians!

If you’re just getting started, might I recommend the following posts?

The Manifesto, so to speak (or my thesis, for you academic types)

A Good Day (using children’s literature at the museum)

Wanting to Know More  (biographies of some key kidlist history authors)

Let Me Count the Ways. . . In Love with Calpurnia Tate (one of my favorite recent historical fiction books)

Meeting Laura (my first visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Mansfield)

Welcome–I hope you’ll come back soon!


Published by Melissa Prycer

Professional history and museum nerd, among other things. Working to help build a better museum field and a better Dallas. Formerly Executive Director at Dallas Heritage Village.

4 thoughts on “Sharing the love

  1. I read your blog/article for NCPH and very much enjoyed it. I also fell in love with history through Laura Ingalls Wilder and L.M. Montgomery, and I think it is a creative way to interest other readers in museums and historic sites and history itself. Thanks for sharing your work.


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