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Over the last few months, I’ve been going through my old blog and converting it into a readable word document.  It’s a huge project, and perhaps silly, but I’m a historian so I want to preserve this bit of my own history.  At any rate, tonight I ran across the following post about a top-notch Christmas gift:

Thinking of you (2005-12-23)

My favorite introduction for a Christmas gift: I saw this and instantly thought of you! That’s when I know, almost without a doubt, that it’s going to be good. It’s also a phrase that I rarely hear from my family. . .

 Anyway, one of my coworkers said this to me the other day, and sure enough, this is the best Christmas gift so far! It’s a children’s picture book: The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln, written by Mike Reiss, a writer for the Simpsons. It’s all about a little boy who (surprise!) looks like Lincoln and the fact that he gets teased all the time. Until he goes to Camp What-Cha-Ma-Call-It, filled with other kids who also look like odd things.

 My favorite part: at the end, the school bullies say “Hey, Lincoln, whatcha thinkin?” And he says “I’m thinking how lucky I am to look like Abe Lincoln, our greatest president, who freed the slaves and won the Civil War and kept our country together and the capital of Nebraska is named after him!” Of course, that little sentence is written in progressively larger letters.

 It’s a giggle worthy book, definitely worth reading in the aisle of your favorite book store (or buying the book (that could be good too).

Folks, I still adore this book.  A few years ago, we did an exhibit on the 1860 election and I picked this book for our preschool story-time.  Reading this to a group of kids and their parents was so much fun!  I don’t talk about picture books very often here, but this is a great one to nurture a love of Lincoln in a little one.  That, and a sense of humor.

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