Shopping with your favorite characters

Sometimes the simplest things lead to very interesting discoveries.  During the course of a work project, I ran across this book. Do you recognize the name?  Me neither.  So, since our curator is out of town, I went to google and was fascinated by what I found. First, this book was an advertising premium.  IfContinue reading “Shopping with your favorite characters”

Not quite the Secret Garden, but close enough

When I bought my house, just over a year ago, there were many things that I knew I would enjoy.  I knew I would like finally having colors on the walls, rather than apartment white and/or beige.  I knew I would like decorating.  I knew I would like having a decent sized kitchen.  Here’s whatContinue reading “Not quite the Secret Garden, but close enough”

What’s left out. . .

I know the tagline at the top of my blog says “Everything I need to know about history, I learned through children’s literature.”  And I stand by my claim that my reading of certain books (over and over and over again) helped form my love of history.  But in reading books like A Little PrincessContinue reading “What’s left out. . .”

Trying to remember the first time. . .

I wish I was one of those people that could remember exactly how old I was when I read key books of my childhood.  I’ve been slowly reading Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book by Anita Silvey, and there are lots and lots of essays that include something like “IContinue reading “Trying to remember the first time. . .”

Isn’t that romantic?

The Minnesota Post recently made a list of best Dynamic Duos–in movies, literature, history, etc.  And on it, much to the pleasure of the Betsy-Tacy Society and other BT fans is Betsy and Joe as “Literary Romantic Couples”–alongside some couples that are definitely not found in children’s literature. And though I certainly adore the factContinue reading “Isn’t that romantic?”

The best presents. . .

I admit it–my favorite part of Christmas just might be presents.  And it’s not so much the receiving (though don’t get me wrong–I do love receiving), but the giving.  It’s the joy in finding just the right thing, something that is more than the sum of its parts, and seeing the reaction when it hits its mark.Continue reading “The best presents. . .”